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We have one base camp for everyone - competitors, marshals and spectators all in the one spot. Caravans, camper trailers and tents are ideal. Flushing toilets and showers will be at camp as well. Very family friendly.

BASE CAMP ACCESS: We have 2wd access to base camp. So bring your caravans, trucks, trailers, etc. (You will need 4wd to access stages but 2wd can get to base camp)

FACILITIES: Flushing Toilets are provided only at base camp. Hot Showers are also provided.

The presentation will be at base camp on Saturday night.  The event is not providing meals.

LOCATION: Cobar is in central NSW, almost equally distant from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Any closer to the big smokes and it becomes farm land so we are right on the gateway to the outback offering natural scrub, long wide sandy creek beds and rocky mountains suited only to goats and off road racing. It is the most convenient outback location possible.

Camp is situated at the Mt Gap Shearing Shed at the very far end of the Mt Gap Rd, a 50km gravel road. The Mt Gap Rd is 53km west of Cobar on the Barrier Hwy. Allow 90 minutes each way to and from Cobar.

POWER: Please bring your own power source requirements.

WATER: We have bore and dam water suitable for washing, showers and toilets. Best to bring your drinking water.