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Cliffhanger 4WD Events started in 2005 and was run jointly by Steve Hobbs and Rudi Paoletti. Together we were Navrun and brought you iconic events such as all the Navrun events, Simex Pursuit, Nav Nights and Amazing Race. At the end of the 2016 Cliffhanger event and after 12 years, Rudi announced his Cliffhanger retirement. Now Rudi is back on board and the help of their team of regular helpers. Steve's role has always been the racing side of things including setup and running of stages. This shall stay Steve's number one focus at race week.

Steve is passionate about the sport and is himself a veteran having competed competitively in 11 Outback Challenges and served a term as president of the CCDA, not to mention running 16 successful Cliffhangers. Cliffhanger competitors appreciate that Steve also races like they do and so he is accepted and respected like a "brother". He knows how to push their buttons and come up with amazing stages to race and to watch.

Rudi has also run 15 Cliffhangers, and over 100 Navruns since 2002.

You can telephone Steve directly on 0457 002 200 or Rudi on 0428 534 102

Email : or

We are also active on Facebook.

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