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Everyone needs to sign up here... it's our way of collecting all the data we need.

  • Spectators & Support Crew
  • Competitors
  • Marshals and Admin

Competitors (all classes) $2600

(no Marquees available)

Spectator and Support Crew

  • Weekly Adult $325
  • Daily Adult $75
  • Child U/15 $Free


Prices have not changed in over 6 years



Spectator group bookings on application

All competitor entries to be finalised and paid in full before the 30th Nov 2020.

It certainly does make our jobs a lot easier if spectators enter and pay on line before arriving however we can handle walk ins on the day. But please note EFTPOS might not be working in our remote bush environment of virtually no phone or internet.

Payments and entries

On our entries page we take entries for

  • Spectators & Support Crews
  • Officials
  • Teams

Spectators, Support Crews and Officials all need to be entered online before the event using this link in order get their free event shirt. If you rock up and pay on the day the shirts will cost $30 ea.

Newsletters & Updates - All drivers and Navi's, Spectators, Support Crews and Officials who are on our list at that time will receive regular newsletters by email and updates by text.

Team Deposit - To secure your entry the deposit is now $750. You will not make the list until the deposit is paid.

For the 2019 event we offered monthly instalment invoices. It started out being popular but by the end no one was paying these so we are not doing this for 2021.

Monthly Instalment - Most people find it easier and most affordable to pay by the month. You can set up an automatic payment with your own internet banking or you can provide cr card details and we set that up to process automatically at our end. Just make sure that any deposits have your team name or surname as a reference. If you start monthly payments by say June 2019 the amount is only $100 per month.

Monthly Statements We shall email statements monthly showing payments and balances owing - this way you can make sure we have picked up all your payments. Every year we get people using "Cliffhanger" as the reference and that isn't much help in identifying who paid.

Balance Due - Entries need to be paid in full by 30th Nov 2020 which is 4 months before the 2021 event. Lots of money needs to be spent in the months leading up to the event. Also we dont have time to chase or process payments in that busy lead up period and it gives us a chance to establish those last few teams who are not coming.

Payment Methods - You can do internet banking payments, cr card over phone and we will set up on line payments where you can nominate an amount to just pay off your account.

Invoices - you get a tax invoice when you enter Cliffhanger and it can be in a company name.

Pull Outs - In 2019 we had as many as 100 teams entered but only 41 teams raced. Having 60 teams (2/3rds) pull out meant we desperately over planned and over catered a lot of things like toilets, medics, officials and merchandise. As such we have increased the deposit to $750 so that the genuine teams enter and because they do race they dont lose anything and the possible pull outs who are only half committed give it a second thought before entry.

Capped Entry Numbers - We are capping entries to 75 teams all up.

Stand By List - We are now about to start a stand by list. It's virtually a guarantee that people going on the stand by list at this stage will get a spot. 

Refund Policy -

  • If a Stand By team does not get an entry their deposit will be refunded in full.
  • Any team who pulls out prior to 30th Nov 2020 will be refunded all monies paid except the $750 deposit. It is an incentive to seriously re-think pulling out. 
  • Pull outs after 30th Nov 2020 are not refundable nor can be rolled to the next event.
  • All refunds will be paid after the event.


BANK ACCOUNT : Remember to put your team name or surname on any bank deposits as a reference.

ANZ      BSB 013279        ACC 461538778

NAME  Cliffhanger 4WD Event