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We have an awesome team of Marshals who help with Cliffy. Their commitment and passion for the sport is clearly evident in the fabulous contribution they make. 

There is a link to our list of marshals for the 2023 Cliffhanger on our Downloads & Links page. Also on that page is the event booklet that has everything you need like how to get there, the rules etc.

We have a few vacancies (marked in green on the list). If you'd like to get on ths list please fill out and submit the form below. In the notes just add what group you want to be added to.

Every marshal and every official needs to obtain their AASA Official Licence. No exceptions as it's all about being adequately insured. It's a free and simple exercise but there are steps as follows :

  • Create a AASA account
  • Apply for AASA Official Licence
    • The Officials Licence requires you to have a Working With Children Check (WWCC). The reason for the WWCC is that the AASA Officials Licence is valid for a number of years and you can work at all sorts of AASA events and those may have children present or even racing. If you dont have WWCC then you will need to apply for it and that's also free when you say you are doing it for vlunteer work. It makes sense and it's not something we should avoid - it's free and it's easy. Each state has their own so might as well get your home state version as you could then use it for other things near home. Here's the link for Vic

When marshals and officals first get to Cliffy please report the office and register. You will be asked to show us your AASA Officials card. If you dont have that yet we will ask to see a print out or a screen shot of the email you get when you applied for your AASA Officials Licence. If you dont have that either we will look you up on the AASA data base. And if you are not on that we will give you access to a lap top so you can apply for it. That will waste time we dont have and block our computer and the line of people behind you will hate you for it. But at least then we know you are covered under our insurance.

If you are have applied for your WWCC and still waiting for that it os OK - please contact AASA when you do get it and update them with your WWCC details.

We have a dedicated camp area for all officials as that makes it easy for us to go find officials if needed.

The earlier marshals arrive the better. We will give you notes for all your stages for the week and we will take you to your stages on the Tursday and Friday before the event starts. We cant show all marshals all stages on just the Friday so if some marshal leaders can arrange for some Thursday stage visits that will be awesome. Late arrivals miss out on seeing their stages or knowing how to get there.

Here's a list of things we ask every marshal to bring for their own use:

  • Yellow vest or Hi-Vis jacket if you have it. We can provide one if you dont but only have so many.
  • Hand held UHF radio - means you can talk withon your marshal group or be summoned to the office while walking around camp.
  • Mallet for knocking in fallen stakes on stage
  • Gloves (those stakes put out killa splinters)
  • Sturdy Boots
  • Sun protection - hat,sun screen
  • Stationery - pens, note pads, clip board
  • Marshals often have an awning or a marquee, chairs and trestle table etc.

Marshal leaders -please make sure your group has at least one of the following :

  • A clock that shows seconds and the screen stays on so you can look at it and note finish tmes to within a second. Can not use mobile phones.
  • A car with a GPS that has an arrow so you can pin point start and finish locations, assist with finding someone or can tell us where you are.
  • Fire extinguishers (large) for finish lines - at least 1 x CO2 and 1 x powder (available at office)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Spare Bunting (available at office)
  • Score Sheet Books (available at office)
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