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Marshals Signup

We have an awesome team of Marshals who come back year after year. Because of their long term dedication and as well they have all the right experience these are the guys who get first preference.

Second preferences are those who have CCDA training or experience at other Winch events. But every year we take on a few newbies as trainees. These guys cant call penalties but get to learn the ropes in support roles to our experienced Marshals. We need all Marshals to register their attendance here whether new or old please. Also office staff and camp marshals please also fill this in.

All officials receive the following....

  • Free Entry
  • Marshal Vest (BYO 2021 Vest if you have it)
  • Event Tee Shirt
  • Official Event Work Shirt
  • Event Banner
  • A huge amount of pride and enjoyment

AASA registration for officials - it's FREE!

As we are sanctioned by AASA every person volunteering or working in any official capacity needs to be registered with AASA. It is free and you will receive an email first up and a few days later a card will be mailed to you. When you get to Cliffhanger we will need to see your card or a copy of your email if your card was not yet received. Note internet is non existent at camp so bring a print of the email.


This registration is required by 100% of people helping - so includes

- marshals and marshal helpers
- office staff
catering crew
spectator leaders
media (professional photographers need to pay for AASA Media permit)
management team
pretty much every person helping in any official capacity. If you think to ask should I get it, then best to just get it.

The online form asks a few questions:

- Working with children - for a NSW event you have 90 days to get it. If you apply for your AASA Officials permit within 90 days of the event then you wont need it.

- Referees, it asks for two referees. Here are two you can use
Steve Hobbs 0457002200 Clerk of Course
Rudi Paoletti 0428534102 Event Director

There is the link to the AASA form:

Marshal Sign Up
Full Name