Cliffhanger Competition Winch Rope 12mm



Here is our official Cliffhanger branded Winch Rope.

As the organiser of Cliffhanger the 3 things I get asked for the most are Race Suits, Harnesses and Winch Ropes. I’d hate someone to get hurt wearing one of our race suits or harnesses so I have held off selling those but seeing I haven’t heard of anyone getting hurt wearing a winch rope yet I figured why not..

In fact what made me look at rope was the outrageous prices people have to pay for a descent length of good quality rope. My objective here for my much loved Cliffhanger family is to offer great rope at an affordable price.

The width is 12mm and I sell it by the metre.

Sold by the Metre  >>>  Just put the metres you want in the Quantity Field.

The price is $6.85 per metre includes GST and postage within Aus. A 50m length will cost you just $342.50 delivered.

Not long ago I did a quick survey and asked what size and length people would normally buy for their winch truck. The results came back with 11mm to 12mm and 50-100 metres. To make life easy I figured I would start out offering any length in 12mm and in Blue because that’s a pretty universal colour. I have purchased several sample ropes and as an enthusiastic competitor myself was quite picky in choosing a rope to put my name to.

This is very easy to splice and comes with a protective sock for the hook end. There are many different ways to connect rope to your winch drum and I am quite happy to give you the good oil on this. Heaven forbid if you were to break it you can easily repair it with a for ever lasting splice and the navi can quickly and easily tie a bow line knot with this rope to finish your stage. I have personally run winch ropes for Roger Smith and Lawrie Sternbeck, have raced 11 Outbacks and run 14 Cliffhangers so I have a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t work and I’d be pleased to chat about your ideas or needs – 0457002200

I can arrange heavier and lighter sizes and I can do special orders in certain colours – like Jake could have got Green and the Swamp Donkey might want Purple but if you want a special colour or special width then I will need a minimum order of 100m please. Call me on 0457002200 if you have any special requests or want their specifics.

The technical specs of this Rope are :

  • 12mm
  • Breaking Strength 13,500 Kg
  • Material UHMWPE
  • Max safe operating temp 65C
  • UV Treated
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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